"My time at Andrews academy was an incredible one. Being a distance learner gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a professional golfer while finishing my schooling. I received one on one extra lessons when I needed, with teachers willing to work at times that best suited me. As soon as I graduated from Andrews Academy I turned professional following my dream. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of Caryn, Christian and the other teachers at this amazing school. Doing Cambridge International Examinations through Andrews Academy gives you a wider scope in choosing a tertiary education because it is recognized by universities worldwide. I left a very good private school in grade 9 to finish my schooling here at Andrews Academy and it was the best decision my parents and I made.

If you a parent choosing to put your child/children into Andrews 
Academy, I would fully recommend it.

A place where your child/children can pursue their dream plus get the best education while doing so."

Clinton Cheia - Graduate

"Andrews is not like any school I had ever been to prior to my enrolment there. Its small class sizes and intimate setting allow for a family-like atmosphere that allows everybody to feel welcome and comfortable whilst pursuing their studies. It is easy to make friends in such an environment, and I still keep in touch with the friends that I made during my time there. 

The Christian ethos that Andrews instills provides learners with great life lessons that will not only work to make them more well-rounded individuals, but also to help them impact on other people’s lives in a positive manner.

The CIE curriculum is rigorous and demanding, but I have found it advantageous in that it challenges one to apply knowledge rather than to just recite memorised information. The teachers at Andrews Academy are top quality and have a good understanding of the CIE system. This, coupled with smaller class sizes allow for more of a more rigorous, personal education, with more allowance for individual attention to be given to the pupils. These factors, and others, allowed me to achieve A grades for Mathematics, Physics and Biology on my final AS level certificate.

Studying at Andrews Academy also opened doors for me to study and play football overseas in England where I am currently. Their connection with Brooke House College England offers a great opportunity for pupils who may want to further their studies overseas. The marks I achieved at Andrews have also lead to my being accepted by three universities in the UK, two of which are in the top one percent of all the universities worldwide.
I thank God that I had the opportunity to attend Andrews Academy. I also thank Him for Mr and Mrs Andrews and all the staff there who give of themselves so selflessly and passionately every day. All of them played some part in helping me get to where I am now."

Moahi Moeti - 2015 Graduate 

"The best and most fruitful learning environment is one where students can express themselves while being open to learn from others. It is a place where the student is not defined by their mistakes or weaknesses, but rather receives grace for their faults, encouragement in their failings and a supportive platform for their giftings to grow and flourish. Andrews Academy embodies this. It is a place where calling and purpose are ignited. Where girls and boys become young men and women who are equipped to make a difference in society. I would recommend this school to everyone." 

Minenhle Khoza - 2013 Graduate

"Having graduated from Andrews Academy and doing the Cambridge syllabus, I can honestly say it was the best choice in my life. Cambridge is definitely not for the faint-hearted! It’s for those who plan to take their studies seriously. Andrews Academy is on a much higher level than any ordinary high school, and by doing the Cambridge curriculum, it will make university work seem like a walk in the park. Hard work is the key! The teachers don’t pamper you nor spoon-feed you. 100% of your success in Cambridge is you! If you graduate with a Cambridge matric, your future studies will be simplified a great deal."

Alex Bork - 2013 Graduate