Parent Testimonials
Dear Christian

Compliments of the season! We hope that 2021 will be a great and successful year for all!

Below is a comparison of Jessica and Joshua’s AS Level marks from 2019 at their previous school to 2020 at Andrews Academy:


English - from 55% to 77%
Mathematics - from Ungraded to 71%
Business Studies - from Ungraded to 74%
History - from 48% to 76%


English - from 53% to 66%
Mathematics - from 45% to 85%
Business Studies - from 41% to 78%
Accounting - from 49% to 89%

The dramatic improvement above can be attributed to the following:

• Great dedication to their work ethic and studying by both of them (encouraged by the staff at Andrews Academy).
• Great discipline instilled by Andrews Academy Staff.
• Great dedication to providing a good education to the students by all Staff.
• Constant encouragement and help from the staff at Andrews Academy.
• Excellent ‘Lockdown’ teaching procedures ensuring no lag in their education.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the education process of our children. The dedication, guidance, patience, and encouragement shown by their teachers (in particular: Shamiso, Liam and Christian) is a testament to their results above.

Andrews Academy has proved themselves to be a ‘School who provides Top Quality Education’ and I hope that any learner (and parent thereof) who goes through the school system appreciates the quality of the education and the dedicated staff all around.

Once again, thank you to all and we wish all at the school the very best!

Kindest regards
Bradley & Angela