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Download the Andrews Preparatory School Code of Conduct here  


Students are expected to behave themselves appropriately at all times, and to relate to teachers, parents and peers in an acceptable manner showing courtesy and respect.

Andrews Academy is a Christian-based high school and all students are requested to respect this. The following rules must be strictly adhered to. Any rules in bold that are transgressed may result in a student being issued with a letter of warning, suspension or expulsion – depending on the actual offence and/or the severity of the matter. Only two letters of warning are issued, and after the third transgression (whether for the same offence or another independent offence), the student will be expelled. The decision rests with the Principal and is final. Right of admission is reserved.


  • No lying – directly or indirectly.
  • No cheating. This includes allowing another student to cheat using your work – either in an exam or during the term.
  • No sexual or violent behaviour.
  • No fighting or intimidation of other students (including sparring).
  • No smoking is permitted anywhere on the Andrews Academy property or outside the property. Students may not leave the premises in order to smoke.
  • No students may indulge in drugs, alcohol or illegal substances WHATSOEVER – at school or otherwise. Anyone found in possession of banned/prohibited substances or trying to sell or use banned/prohibited substances will be reported to the police in terms of new Government legislation requirements.
  • No student may attend or remain at the centre if they are found to be intoxicated.
  • No theft will be tolerated, which includes using someone else’s property without their permission.
  • No knives, firearms or any other weapon may be brought onto the Andrews Academy property.
  • No breaking of any law as set out by the Government.
  • No back chatting or insubordination towards any staff member will be permitted.
  • No swearing or use of foul language will be permitted.
  • No physical, emotional or verbal abuse.
  • No lighting of fires in any form (This includes lighters and matches).
  • No pea shooting.

Premises and Property

  • No writing or scratching on chairs, tables, walls or any part Andrews Academy premises.
  • No graffiti on any part of Andrews Academy or private property, whether fixed or movable (including tables outside).
  • No littering.
  • No vandalism or damage to property. (This includes all movable and immovable property).
  • The student will be expelled if they do not own up and take responsibility for damaging the property (by accident or maliciously)
  • No rocking on chairs as this damages the walls as well as the chairs.Students caught rocking on chairs repeatedly will be fined the amount of replacing a chair.
  • Should damage to the property be done accidentally, the procedure is to report the damage immediately to Christian, the principal. Thereafter, should it be of such a nature that it cannot be cleaned/fixed without incurring costs, the costs of fixing the problem will be sent to the parents and added to the school account.
  • Work stations must be cleared of all litter, books, stationery and personal belongings before a student goes home.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the property before the close of the school day, unless collected by a parent or authorised adult, and unless permission has been granted by the Principal or Vice Principal.
  • No unauthorised use of computers, internet, books, recreation equipment or any other facility or property of the centre.
  • No unauthorised use of any property that does not belong to the student (This includes the property of teachers, staff and fellow students).
  • Any lost property must be handed in to reception.
  • No playing of any games in the building (board games and other indoor games will be permitted in a designated area during break times).
  • No playing of rigorous ball games such as soccer, rugby, stingers etc. (Approved ball games will be permitted outside in designated areas at allotted times).


  • No eating or drinking during lessons or inside the building during break times. When it is raining, the students may gather in the IGCSE or Foundation class and care must be taken so as not to mess inside.
  • No wearing of headgear (including beanies) or dark glasses in class.
  • No use of cell-phones or other technological devices in class or during the school day. This includes periods during exams. All devices are to be handed in by 8 am and collected at 2:30pm. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the devices are not lost, stolen or broken, we do not take any responsibility should this occur – WHATSOEVER.
  • No playing of radios, I-pods, CD’s, MP3’s (or any electronic device) in the class or classroom during the school day.
  • No use of laptop computers / notebooks in class unless written permission is granted by the principal and for a specific reason. This permission is only granted for the day and in no way can be carried over.
  • Students may not leave the classroom unless a staff member has given permission.
  • Desks must remain neat, tidy and uncluttered at all times.
  • No disruptive behaviour is permitted during a class. This includes talking during a lesson without permission while the teacher is addressing the class. This is rude and disrespectful and will not be tolerated.
  • Students must follow their term planner and term timetable, as determined by the teachers at Andrews Academy. This includes all exam timetables.
  • Students are required to complete all scheduled assignments, tests, practicals, projects, class work and homework as determined by their individual term planner or as given to them by staff members.
  • No student may copy another student’s work without permission granted by the Principal or Vice Principal. The only reason work may be copied would be due to a student having missed numerous lessons or starting late in the year


  • Students are not permitted to leave the premises without permission.
  • Students are required to be at Andrews Academy from 08h00 until 14h30 from Monday to Friday during the school terms.
  • Full-time students may NOT leave before 14h30 without permission from the Vice Principal or Principal and only once an email or written permission is handed in by the parent/guardian.
  • Students will only be considered as “part-time students” if a letter from the parents has been given to the Principal/Vice Principal and this letter has been acknowledged by them.
  • Part-time students may not skip or miss lessons or classes. They may only leave once all lessons have been completed for the day.
  • Out of necessity, certain lessons may extend beyond these times.
  • Andrews Academy will close at 11h00 at the commencement of school holidays.
  • Lessons start promptly at 08h00.
  • Assemblies are held on Wednesday mornings promptly at 08h00 and attendance for part-time and full-time students is compulsory. Guest speakers (Christian and motivational) are invited from time to time to address the students.
  • All students are required to be in attendance whether part-time or full-time.
  • There are two breaks during the school day, the first from 10h00 until 10h15 and the second from 12h15 until 12h40.
  • No student may remain on the premises after 15h30.
  • When a student is absent or late, Andrews Academy must be notified by a parent or legal guardian before 08h30, by telephone, email, sms or in person.
  • All students must make every effort to be at school every day and not to miss any tests and/or exams.
  • An absentee letter must be furnished on return to Andrews Academy.

Dress Code

  • All students will be required to wear the official Andrews Academy uniform every day, including during exams and when a student comes to Andrews Academy for extra lessons.
  • Dress code for distance or private students will be jeans and a white or navy shirt or t-shirt. This includes lessons held at Andrews Academy and exam dress code.
  • Boys: the uniform consists of navy blue Chinos, smart pants or the official school tracksuit along with an embroidered polo shirt (available in the various colour options from Andrews Academy).
  • Girls: the uniform consists of a navy skirt (knee-length), smart pants or the official school tracksuit along with an embroidered polo shirt (available in the various colour options from Andrews Academy).
  • Winter-wear includes a long sleeve polo shirt with the logo on it is available to order from the school. No other shirts or coloured t-shirts are allowed underneath the short sleeve polo. A plain navy blue fleece jacket may be worn which is available in most retail shops in the area. The official 3-in-1 Jacket will available from the school from the 2nd term, however no stock is kept and orders should be placed by the end of the first term. No other coloured jackets or ones that have logos on them are permitted.
  • NO JEANS, SKI-PANTS or TIGHTS are permitted whatsoever.
  • When civvies days are granted, the following items of clothing are NOT permitted: mini-skirts, vests, low-cut tops (no cleavage to be shown whatsoever), see-through tops of any nature may be worn & boys may not wear any form of make-up whatsoever (and at any time).
  • Students are expected to dress in clothing which is neat and clean. Clothing which is ripped, torn or dirty is not permitted.
  • Beanies & caps are not permitted at all.
  • The only shoes allowed are the following – Girls: plain black school shoes, plain black or navy pumps or plain black Tomy Tekkies (no boots are allowed at all). Boys: plain black school shoes, smart shoes or Tomy Tekkies.
  • Underwear may not be visible at any time whatsoever. Girls must wear appropriately coloured underwear so as not to show through the polo shirt.


  • Hair should be kept out of the face, so as not to distract from any work being done. We should be able to see the students’ eyes at all times.
  • No excessive hair colouring will be allowed for girls. No hair colouring for boys is allowed at all. This includes artificially coloured streaks, braids or the like.
  • Mohawks, Afro’s and facial hair are not permitted. Boys must remain clean shaven at all times. (No beards, moustaches or side burns).
  • If it is felt that a student’s hair style or colouring is not suitable they will be asked to correct it.

Piercings, Make Up & Jewellery

  • Reasonable ear piercing is permitted, provided it is not offensive or excessive. No other body or facial piercing is permitted this includes (but is not limited to) tongue, eyebrow and/or nose rings/studs.
  • Girls: make-up may be worn so long as it is not excessive. No dark eye-shadow or bright lipstick may be worn.
  • Boys: no make-up can be worn whatsoever (this includes nail polish & eyeliner etc).
  • No excessive jewellery is permitted. Only 1 bracelet is allowed and no long earrings are allowed.
  • Clothing, jewellery and bags may not carry slogans or be of a nature which is offensive to any gender, religious or racial group. (No skulls or monster logos or designs of a sexual nature are permitted).
  • When civvies days are granted, no clothing is permitted that has any offensive design on them.
  • Students who do not adhere to the uniform code will be asked to leave Andrews Academy and may return when appropriately dressed.
  • Jackets, sweaters, jerseys, caps and any other clothing which is not part of the uniform, offensive or the incorrect colour will be confiscated and returned at the end of the term.
  • The management and staff of Andrews Academy reserve the right to amend the dress code rules without notice and any request to attend to or correct any dress code transgression may not be challenged or refused.

Recreation / Facilities

  • Facilities and equipment will be provided for the enjoyment of all students.
  • Students are expected to show consideration by sharing these and not abusing them.
  • Items broken are repaired or replaced at the student’s or parent’s expense.
  • Students will only be permitted to use the equipment if they have a clear record of good work and behaviour. Should the student be found to damage the property in any way without owning up to it & taking responsibility, they will be expelled immediately.


  • Student’s guests are welcome to attend a day at Andrews Academy, with a view to enrolment, provided that they do so one at a time, and are genuine prospective Andrews Academy students.
  • The guest should be accompanied by a parent or guardian at an initial meeting, or they should present a letter from a parent or guardian stating that they wish to spend a day at the school.
  • Visitors will be required to follow the same rules as existing Andrews Academy students, and will be required to complete and submit any work which may be given to them by the staff a staff member.

Disciplinary Measures

  • Appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken against students who do not abide by the rules as set out by the Code of Conduct. The type of action taken will be at the discretion of the teachers and staff at Andrews Academy and may not be challenged or refused.
  • As a guideline, the following will apply:
  • Assignments, tests, practicals, class work and homework not completed by their due date and/or transgressions of any rule found in this code of conduct will result in a 1 hour detention after school on Fridays. Two detentions in a row will result in a letter of warning issued by the Principal.
  • Damaged or stolen property must be replaced or re-imbursed by the transgressor or their parents.
  • In all cases, parents may be contacted to discuss the action of the child and if necessitated, to remove the child from Andrews Academy for the remainder of the day, week (suspension) or permanently (expulsion).
  • Any offence which is constantly repeated despite the issuing of detentions and/or other disciplinary measures, will be considered a serious offence, and the student may not only be issued with a letter or warning, but may be suspended or expelled from the school.
  • Only two letters of warning are issued, and after the third transgression (whether for the same offence or another independent offense), the student will be expelled. The decision rests with the Principal and is final.

Cell Phones

  • Students may not use their cell phones during the school day whatsoever. This includes making calls to, or receiving calls from a parent, using the phone as a calculator, to listen to music or to make or receive messages via sms, WhatsApp or the like. Cell phones are a major distraction at schools and learning institutions. These should preferably be left at home, or if this is not possible, to be switched off and handed in to the office by 8:00 and collected at 14:30. No use of cell phones are permitted during exam times, or during break times.
  • Cell phones will be confiscated and returned to the student only when a fine of R250 has been paid - no exceptions. Any emergency or change of arrangements must be communicated to the Principal or Vice Principal.


Alcohol / Drugs / Gambling / Vandalism / Bullying

  • Alcohol, Drugs and banned substances are prohibited at Andrews Academy. Students found to be indulging in any of these substances, or who are found to have any of these substances on their person, will face suspension, expulsion and will be reported to the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the Department of Education. Students found to be intoxicated or under the influence of any of these substances, whether or not these were used on Andrews Academy property, will face the same penalties.
  • Random drug tests may be carried out at any time, and body and bag searches will also be conducted at random. Students will not be given warning prior to a search of their bags being conducted, if there is good reason to believe that a bag may contain a banned substance or a stolen item.
  • Other severe and major offences, such as vandalism, bullying, intimidation and gambling will result in a suspension and/or expulsion. Repeated and ongoing offences of a minor nature will eventually be regarded as a serious offence and appropriate action taken, should this be believed to be in the best interests of other students.


  • Smoking of tobacco products of any kind and in any form is not permitted.
  • Students who smoke tobacco products at Andrews Academy will face expulsion.

Suspension / Expulsion

  • Any student, who is suspended or expelled from Andrews Academy, will not be exempt from fees during the term of their suspension or expulsion.
  • Should fees be outstanding for more than one month, the student will be suspended from attending school. This, however, will not go on their school record.