Andrews Preparatory School Information

Andrews Preparatory School offers a private school, value-based education, instilling the values and character traits so vital to academic excellence and life success, without the barriers presented by a mainstream educational system. We believe that the foundation of a sound education includes morals and values; therefore, we strive to instill excellence, integrity, and accountability within every student.

Andrews Preparatory School is an accredited Cambridge Primary School through Andrews Academy. We offer a combination of Cambridge classes and daily PACEs, which makes it possible for students to accelerate beyond their age and to reach their full potential.

Download the Cambridge Pathway - a guide for parents
Download the Cambridge Primary - a guide for parents

The school is based on 5 basic laws of learning:

  1. Students must be at individual levels where they can perform.
  2. Reasonable goals must be set.
  3. Learning must be measurable.
  4. Students require guidance & motivation.
  5. Learning must be encouraged.

We strive to bring education back to God, back to the Bible, back to basics, back to the individual

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A = Accelerated

The student operates on a complete self-instructional curriculum, spanning over all 7 grades of primary education. Students are taught how to set goals and achieve them on a daily basis, thereby instilling a sense of responsibility for their work right from the beginning. Students can accelerate their learning by completing more than 12 PACE’s throughout the year than required (from Grade 2 – 7). Conversely, students who learn at a slower pace are not marginalised and may complete a grade over a longer period than one year.

C = Christian

The system integrates Biblical truths and Christian character values throughout the curriculum and in the daily operation of the school. The teachers always try to lead the students to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and challenge each student's Christian walk.
There are 60 character traits that are taught with corresponding Bible verses. Students memorise 1 verse per PACE in every subject.
This equates to a minimum of 60 Bible verses per year!

E = Education

Individualisation - The student's needs are met at their personal level of ability. The student works at their own level of performance for each subject and need to achieve an 80% pass in order to move onto the next PACE, thus training students to acquire quality education.
Mastery of concepts is vital for all students to achieve their fullest potential every day.
No compromise is made on education and all students are encouraged to fulfil their God-given plan for their lives.

Grade RR (4 - 5 years old) Step-By-Step for Tiny Tots is an ECD programme that reinforces colour, shape and number concepts and introduces phonics. Young learners thrive on this programme which incorporates the six Early Learning Development Areas: 
1. Well being
2. Identity and belonging
3. Communication
4. Exploring mathematics
5. Creativity
6. Knowledge and understanding of the world

Grade R with ACE and Christi is a Reading Readiness Programme. There are 12 colour PACEs in each of the core subjects for Grade R Reading Readiness: Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Word Building. This preschool programme complements the ABC's Learning to Read programme. 

Grade 1 ABC’s with ACE and Christi Learning-to-Read Programme is a complete programme for learning the vital skills of phonetic reading.  These include detailed instruction manuals, visual aids and teaching materials.  The core subjects for the Grade 1 Learning-to-Read programme include Word Building, Bible Reading, Animal Science and Mathematics for the first 12 weeks, thereafter they will proceed with English, Science, Social Studies and continue with Mathematics. Positive reinforcement is vital, and no demerits or detention is given to students for poor behaviour in Grade R. 

From Grade 2 to 7, students now have the ability to read, and therefore the ability to learn. They will progress at their own pace with the supervision of the teacher in charge who continuously encourages and motivates the students to reach their full potential every day. The teacher will answer each student’s question individually, and not in front of the other students. This promotes confidence as the student’s needs are met individually and not corporately. It also gives the student a sense of purpose and encourages them to ask any question they don’t know the answer to – instead of bottling it up inside for fear of being laughed at by other students. Merits are awarded for good behaviour and work well done. However, demerits (which could lead to detention) are given for bad behaviour and work not done. Since the Lord’s mercies are new every day, students start each day afresh with no demerits.


Extra mural activities include swimming, music, arts & crafts, chess, netball & soccer, French, isiZulu, and ICT (computer studies including coding). We have devotions every morning which includes singing, reading the Bible & prayer. We place a high value on community service and encourage all students to participate in these end-of-term projects. A healthy lifestyle is very important to us and as such we ask that parents please pack healthy lunches for the children minimising sweets, chocolates, chips & fizzy drinks and rather including fruit as an extra snack.